This documentary is a story of true redemption. It is the story of a man, known as Level, who started his journey in turmoil living the thug life in the streets of Miami, later to become the feared, respected leader of one of Miami’s most dangerous and powerful gangs. Anger and uncontrollable rage led Level to fight like a pit bull in bare knuckle backyard fights. His buzz became so big that he was offered a pro MMA contract. He left the streets with over 400 undefeated fights to his credit. As a pro MMA fighter , Level won the respect of national and international audiences.


The Warrior Level is a documentary that narrates the life of Rene Level Martinez, a true urban legend in the Miami scene, and now a hero to many. The Warrior Level depicts his life, his losses, his people , friends, foes , family , love ones, and the divine intervention of his very personal encounter with Jesus Christ.


The Warrior Level is layers upon layers of incredible never before seen footage that depicts an accurate account of ‘what went down’ in the streets of Miami during some very turbulent and violent times. The Warrior Level contains incredible testimonies and interviews with ex gang members; it is where the past meets the present full throttle.


Witness the rebirth of the new Rene Level Martinez who matured into a man that has committed his life to Jesus Christ and spreading the message of the Lord from hood to hood, showing these streets that salvation is only through the Jesus Christ. The Warrior Level is Rene’s life in motion and his living testimony showing that there is always a way to make it back to solid ground when you find the warrior level in you.



To Build a Men's Home & a Women's Home

I.  Proposal Summary
 Mission 4 Hope Inc. was formed as a Florida non-profit corporation in 2019 to develop a model to turn around the lives of substance abusers, former felons, people living in poverty, and anyone who has hit rock bottom by following an extended family model infused with a solid biblical foundation. Our ministry currently performs community outreach activities with the purpose of empowering people in needy communities with spiritual growth and a sense of family.
Since the formation of Mission 4 Hope, Inc. the ministry has reached hundreds of people in need.  Rene Martinez, formerly known as Level has been led by the Lord Jesus Christ to bring the church to the streets of South Florida. Together with fellow Christian disciples, he takes this street ministry of faith and salvation to South Florida and other parts of the United States and renders a message that offers hope to those who are lost and hopeless.
Mission 4 Hope, Inc. recognizes that family (the body of Christ) is the most powerful need of a person and as the ministry continues to grow, the non-profit has identified the need to offer an extended family opportunity to those who seek to turn their lives around. The body of Christ  In this manner, people learn to live crime and drug free lives and achieve a sense of purpose and integrity.  Our goal is to lead people to develop a strong spiritual foundation thus becoming a source of strength for themselves and others.
II. Organization & Project Goals
 Mission 4-Hope, Inc. aspires to initiate a faith-based 12 month program to help an initial group of 20 individuals rebuild their lives. To accomplish this goal, a large home in a 2-acre location will be established.  The home will function as an extended family unit and will not charge fees to the residents.  Each resident will receive food, housing, clothing, education, and other services at no cost.  The home will be self-sufficient.
Applications from men who have hit bottom from prisons and the streets will be received by the ministry founder and a selected group of Christian disciples.  Before approval for admission to the home, residents will understand that any act of weapon possession, violence or drug/alcohol use is cause for immediate termination. Admitted residents understand that the home will incorporate weekly scheduled bible studies because the home has a spiritually based component. Once residents are officially admitted, they will learn to work and support each other in a positive way.  Residents acknowledge that they will guide new arrivals to the home.  Residents have the support of the founder and ministry and will run the home as they voluntarily enter a three-phase program.
Phase #1 consists of a three-month long personal growth experience fueled by scriptural based studies.  During this phase residents identify self-worth and belonging in a family-based unit.  In-house duties and obligations are implemented. Interpersonal skills are reinforced.  Residents will find spiritual meaning in their lives and practice helping one another. Self-destructive patterns will be eliminated.
Phase #2 involves engagement in a marketable skill.  The home will initially focus on job related functions such as: car wash, auto mechanics, home economics, pet grooming/sitting services, and other productive community services. Phase #2 involves a 6 month process of raising funds to continue the expansion of homes. Residents do not receive a salary; they serve as staff and train one another.  All earnings by residents support the home and continued growth of Mission 4-Hope, Inc.
Phase #3 involves community involvement.  Residents will volunteer to help the handicapped, provide community based park activities with youth, participate in community based Christian outreach events, and help the elderly.
After the initial one year program, residents reenter society with a solid Christian foundation, job skills, and with a sense of integrity that serves as a personal decision to live a drug and crime free life.  At this stage, residents become ministry disciples.
III. Founder Background
 The founder, Rene Martinez, has been captured the attention of thousands of people across the globe.  He visits Miami-Dade’s crime-ridden neighborhoods, guided by the Lord Jesus.  Minister Martinez meets, greets, and prays with those who come across his path.  His numerous street events have expanded to other cities such as South Central Los Angeles, Chino-California, Bronx- New York , Patterson NJ , Houston-Texas, New Orleans-Louisiana and many more. Having made a 180 degree turn-around in his life, Minister Martinez lives his life being led by the spirit of God.   
The contributions to society made by Minister Martinez are real and extensive. He produced and narrated a quality award winning documentary, called “The Warrior Level.” The documentary, narrated and documented by Minister Martinez himself, shows actual footage of his transformation from a youth full of rage and bent on destruction to a man driven to humbly touch others and provide not only hope, but salvation.
Currently, Mr. Martinez is involved with numerous agencies volunteering as a speaker to help youth facing challenges.  He visits kids in juvenile facilities, adults serving time in prison, and is often invited to speak at different churches.  He has been featured by Univision Television-Telemundo, Channel 6 and Channel 7 Miami, Florida local television interviews, Fox News, 700 club, the Miami-Herald, Miami New-Times, Miami-Dade College, Miami Dade County Public schools, and many more.
LIFE Outreach International, James Robison during a live television interview stated,
“I don’t think we’ve ever had a more powerful dynamic testimony of the impossible happening.”  He further said that the magnitude of Mr. Martinez’ ministry is just getting started not only in Miami but everywhere.
IV. Project requirements

     I.            Attorney Volunteer
      II.      Accountant Volunteer 

      III.    Community Volunteers
                     IV.        Individual/private donations for  home/land purchase
Location: To be determined in Central Florida
Project Goal:  Within one-year, Mission 4-Hope, Inc. would like to own the first extended family home, called "Hope" in a two-acre lot in central Florida.  It is our goal to raise  $900,000.00 to make it possible.  We need the cooperation from God's saints to help expedite this goal to open the first home.
As Mr. Robison, of LIFE Outreach stated, the ministry is just getting started.  Please help Mission 4-Hope reverse poverty, rehabilitate people and substance abusers and transition people into self-sufficiency with the purpose of having them reenter society successfully and legitimately.


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