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This documentary is a story of true redemption. It is the story of a man, known as Level, who started his journey in turmoil living the thug life in the streets of Miami, later to become the feared, respected leader of one of Miami’s most dangerous and powerful gangs. Anger and uncontrollable rage led Level to fight like a pit bull in bare knuckle backyard fights. His buzz became so big that he was offered a pro MMA contract. He left the streets with over 400 undefeated fights to his credit. As a pro MMA fighter , Level won the respect of national and international audiences.


The Warrior Level is a documentary that narrates the life of Rene Level Martinez, a true urban legend in the Miami scene, and now a hero to many. The Warrior Level depicts his life, his losses, his people , friends, foes , family , love ones, and the divine intervention of his very personal encounter with Jesus Christ.


The Warrior Level is layers upon layers of incredible never before seen footage that depicts an accurate account of ‘what went down’ in the streets of Miami during some very turbulent and violent times. The Warrior Level contains incredible testimonies and interviews with ex gang members; it is where the past meets the present full throttle.


Witness the rebirth of the new Rene Level Martinez who matured into a man that has committed his life to Jesus Christ and spreading the message of the Lord from hood to hood, showing these streets that salvation is only through the Jesus Christ. The Warrior Level is Rene’s life in motion and his living testimony showing that there is always a way to make it back to solid ground when you find the warrior level in you.



A Feature Film That Will Impact The World

Xtreme Level LLC owns all rights to "The Warrior Level" documentary by Rene "Level" Martinez. We are seeking financial and/ or other strategic partners who want to help bring this epic story to the world in a Feature Film.


• 2x Film Festival Award winning documentary

• Rights to purchase or license Digital Distribution

•Produce and/ or Distribute Story Rights for Feature Film

•Digital Brand Management Opportunities

•Merchandising and ancillary revenue

•Soundtrack, Music and Behind the Scenes Content


The next steps for interested parties upon review of the materials herein, documentary trailers and video links, review the full length documentary. If it is of interest to have on your network or take to a distribution partner, or if you are interested in financing the feature film or brand rights. We are open to conversations with fair offers per the industry standard rules with respect to a very impactful documentary of this caliber complete and ready for market. For more information reach out to Mr. Rene Martinez to schedule a meeting and conversation with me and my business team.


The difference between our film and these films is that we will have a real message of salvation through Jesus Christ. We will show Level's life exactly how it went down, from darkness to the light. Based on a true story of redemption