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Rene Level Martinez is a specialist serving the youth involved in gangs.  He is based out of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Rene, better known as 'Level', is a pillar in his community and dedicates himself to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the inner cities of Miami-Dade County, Florida and other parts of the USA.  He is a living witness of what God pulled him from, preaching repentance and remission of sins in the name of Jesus Christ. Rene is a father and a devoted husband; he loves his family strongly and always puts the Lord Jesus Christ first. 


However, putting Jesus Christ first was not always the case for Rene, though.  As a youth, he didn’t have a father figure in his home and his mom was lost as well. It was not easy for Rene and he turned to the streets at a very young age in search of 'family'. In fact, Rene Level Martinez grew up around gangs and violence, ultimately leading him to make wrong decisions in life. He was initiated into the neighborhood gang at the tender age of 13 and found himself fighting for his life at 14 years of age when he and his friends crashed in a high-speed chase. He almost lost his life. In spite of this devastating experience, Rene didn’t learn his lesson.  When he got better he continued to affiliate himself in the gang world. 


An experience impacting Rene greatly was finding his mom almost dead after trying to commit suicide for a second time; it was a time when they were homeless. Shortly afterwards, his mom turned to Jesus and accepted Him as her Lord and Savior.  She then began to pray for her son's salvation.  However, Rene wanted nothing to do with God and continued on the streets facing death many times. Hospitals and jail cells were a normal encounter for this young man. Anger and rage controlled Rene's life and almost all his childhood friends were killed or are in prison till this day. 


As time passed, Rene became a bare-knuckle fighter, gangster rapper, still represented his gang and ultimately became a Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. One fateful night he had an amazing personal encounter with Jesus Christ. That moment changed Rene's life forever and he would never be the same! God sent him back to the streets on a specific mission taking a powerful message to the most dangerous neighborhoods of Miami Dade, Florida; God's request was to tell His people to repent and turn to Him.  


Rene Level Martinez has traveled to many places taking God's message to other cities like South Central Los Angeles, Chino-California, Bronx- NY, Patterson NJ, Houston-Texas, New Orleans-Louisiana and many more. He brings the gospel to the streets. Rene's amazing transformation has been featured by many television and radio mediums. He has extensive experience working with gang involved individuals and he is a true living testimony, a man who brings hope to the hopeless.